Pelican Girl 11 oz. Natural Soy Candle

by Mobile Bay Shop


"A woman who lives for adventure and is keen to make new acquaintances, she packs light and is always ready to travel."

Scent: Sea Breeze Top notes of citrus, sea salt, and ozone add an oceanic accord that envelops the florals of jasmine, lilac, and orange blossom.

Every candle is hand-poured, made from all natural and renewable soybean wax with 100% cotton wicks.

In late July 1704, 23 French teenagers, known as the Pelican Girls after their ship, Le Pelican, stepped ashore Massacre Island (now known as Dauphin Island) after almost four months at sea. They took a shallow draft boat up Mobile Bay and landed at 27-Mile Bluff on August 1, 1704.

Mobile was a struggling colony at the time, just a few years old and desperately in need of settlers. King Louis XIV was in the habit of sending young French women known as King's Daughters (filles du roi) to his colonies for marriage, a tradition going back to the 17th century. Unlike some of the other King’s Daughters, however, the Pelican Girls were known for their impeccable virtue, all worthy to be the mothers of the new land. Pulled from convents and orphanages through a lottery process after vigorous background checks and interviews, the penniless girls came willingly, as their future prospects in France were dire.

A priest accompanied the girls on their voyage to guard their virtue, and all the girls were married within weeks of arriving. A quick stop in Havana introduced yellow fever, which followed Le Pelican to Mobile, killing two of the French women upon arrival. The epidemic spread throughout the fort, even taking the life of adventurer Henri de Tonti.

After settling down, however, the women grew unhappy with new husbands who spent most of their time in the woods instead of building homes or planting gardens for their growing families. The women staged the “Petticoat Rebellion:” Until they were provided a roof and food, they refused “bed and board,” and the men eventually came around.

The Pelican Girls are sometimes known as "Cassette" or "Casket Girls" for the boxes, called casquettes, used to carry their belongings across the vast Atlantic Ocean to the new world. They are remembered for their bravery, voyaging to the new world, and many Gulf Coast residents proudly claim descendence from them.

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